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Fleet Services

Ralph’s Transmissions offers fleet services in Sarasota, Florida. We aim to establish strong, lasting relationships with fleet owners to ensure that fleet vehicles run smoothly for as many miles as possible.

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Differential Repair

Since 1984, Ralph’s Transmissions has been servicing differentials in Sarasota, Florida. With decades of experience in the auto transmission industry, we harness our knowledge on every project that passes through our shop.

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Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions prides itself in providing the highest quality transmission repair in Sarasota. By using the highest quality parts and components in our transmission repair jobs, you can be confident that your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

If you suspect problems with you’re car’s transmission, it’s time to have an expert take a close look. A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs which could ensue as a result of the neglect of transmission problems.

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions is capable of handling transmission repair of all kinds.



A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs.


Fleet Vehicles

Ralph’s Transmissions can help you create a plan for fleet maintenance.



Differentials problems will be diagnosed accurately and solved completely.


Jul 15 2017

carsYou don’t need to be a mechanical expert to hop in your car and drive, which means there are countless processes and procedures taking place as you drive that you may not understand. Differentials, for instance, serve three very important jobs to keep your car functioning at optimal levels. This guide will help you understand what exactly the differentials are, even if you’re not a vehicle expert.

An Introduction to Differentials

Just like the brakes, engine, and exhaust of your car, the differentials serve a few critical roles as well. First, the differentials direct the engine’s power to the wheels. This means that without the differentials, your car wouldn’t even be able to leave the garage. The differentials also make up the final gear reduction to slow the transmission’s rotations. Lastly, they allow the wheels to spin at different speeds, which is how the term “differential”in other words, differentlygot its name. Given these essential responsibilities, your vehicle’s differentials deserve just as much service and attention as the other, more high-profile components of your car.  

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Jun 20 2017

Every part of your car is essential to its overall function, and the transmission is no exception. It’s important not just to recognize the signs of a transmission problem in your vehicle, but also to remain educated about the best preventative measures that will help ensure a long life for such a major investment.

Pick Your Transmission Fluid Wisely

All transmission fluid is not created equal, and relying upon the wrong fluid could significantly shorten the life of your transmission. The role of transmission fluid in the transmission can be compared to the role of water in an aquarium. If that water does not maintain the right pH level or temperature, the animals inside could die. The same concepts apply to a transmission, since cheap or poorly made transmission fluid will not efficiently lubricate the transmission and protect it from excessive heat. While there are different forms of transmission fluid, you need to work with a professional to identify the type that best serves the needs of your own car.

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May 15 2017

11048188 - portrait of smiling old woman driving carThanks to the Baby Boomer generation and significant medical advancements, citizens over the age of 65 make up a larger portion of the American population than ever before. This has a direct impact on the number of older drivers on the road. In fact, the number of senior citizens behind the wheel jumped a full 50 percent between 1999 and 2015! If you yourself are a senior citizen, or you are concerned about your older parents or grandparents driving down the highway, try to select one of the following vehicles that Consumer Reports selected as the best for older drivers.

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Apr 07 2017

Trying to drive without a fully functioning transmission is like trying to watch TV without any electricity; you aren’t going to get very far. Each part of your car serves a very specific purpose, and the transmission in particular is responsible for directing the right amount of power to each wheel. It’s critical to recognize the signs of a failing transmission and be prepared to fix it as soon as possible.

Fluid Problems

The most direct way to identify that your transmission needs professional attention is the presence of leaking transmission fluid. This fluid is bright red and is absolutely essential to your vehicle’s ability to shift gears and keep the wheels turning. Regular motor oil is consumed during driving, but transmission fluid is not, so any shortage of transmission fluid can probably be traced back to a leak. Worn axles, seals, and gaskets can all cause transmission fluid to leak, as can damaged bell housings and a loose transmission pan. Since a transmission fluid leak has the potential to lead to a huge problem, seek mechanical attention immediately.

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