Transmission rebuild

Automatic transmission repair service center

Transmission Repair Service Ralph’s Transmissions are experts in all transmission repairs and rebuilds. A broken transmission is the last thing anyone wants to happen to them. We understand that urgency and expertise are important in keeping your car on the road and out of a shop. When you keep up

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Fleet services analysis: everything you need to know

Fleet Services refer to companies’ tools to facilitate decision-making to ensure vehicle and personnel safety, efficiency, and productivity. The success of any company that needs a fleet to carry out its daily activity cannot do without effective fleet services, following routes and locations, executing the necessary maintenance, and complying with

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Transmission fluid leaks

5 Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks

5 Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks   A little pool of crimson fluid below your automobile suggests a transmission fluid leak, which is not a great sign. And unfortunately, it will leave stains on your garage floor, but more importantly, correcting the leak and refilling the transmission fluid will demand

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transmission issues

Understanding Transmission Issues

Understanding Transmission Issues Your car has different parts that work collectively for your car’s operation, and the transmission is one of the major ones. Like any other part of the car, you need to ensure your transmission remains in good condition for your safety and the durability of your vehicle

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Differential Diagnostics

A Guide through Differential Diagnostics

A Guide through Differential Diagnostics Your vehicle is one of your major investments, meaning you have to ensure it remains in good condition. One way to do that is to schedule regular maintenance with a certified mechanic. That helps maximize the performance of your car and increase its lifetime. Differentials

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transmission repair

How Long Does Transmission Repair Take?

The transmission keeps the engine spinning at the proper rate without going too fast or slow. It supplies the wheels with the right measure of power. Without a functioning transmission, the car can’t stop or start. So you take it in for repairs at Ralph’s Transmission and wonder how long

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How Long Do Transmissions Last?

How Long Do Transmissions Last? As one of the most expensive components in most vehicles, it makes total sense to wonder just how long you can go before it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, estimates for average transmission lifespan vary widely, from as low as 10,000 miles in some cases

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How to Extend Your Transmission Life

How to Extend Your Transmission Life Your transmission is like your car’s nervous system. It interplays with almost every other system in the vehicle, and problems can leave you doing more walking than driving. Signs you might have transmission trouble include: Strong odors Hesitation Discolored fluid Burning smell Check engine

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