Fleet services analysis: everything you need to know

Fleet Services

Fleet Services refer to companies’ tools to facilitate decision-making to ensure vehicle and personnel safety, efficiency, and productivity. The success of any company that needs a fleet to carry out its daily activity cannot do without effective fleet services, following routes and locations, executing the necessary maintenance, and complying with security policies. The use of vehicle data is an invaluable resource, and Fleet Management software solutions make use of it.

Fleet services

Fleet services aim to reduce costs and grow the business, turning its tools into a great return on investment. With proper fleet management, companies can:

  • Locate the vehicle in real-time.
  • Access driver behavior data.
  • Prevent break-ins with motion alerts that can be activated at designated times and places.
  • Schedule maintenance in advance to avoid having to interrupt scheduled work.
  • Save on fuel, insurance, time, and much more.
  • Avoid disputes over customer bills with irrefutable data and proof of service provision.

The lack of a dedicated solution forces companies to assign fleet services to their employees, significantly impacting the time spent organizing complex logistics that characterizes medium and large companies. Considering all the activities to track, from shipyard checks to missed service calls, it’s easy to imagine that not keeping an eye on every vehicle and piece of equipment can damage a company’s reputation and assets. Proper fleet management avoids these obstacles.

Schedule optimization


Companies can improve operational efficiency by using specific tools to program the human side of a fleet. Advanced automatic scheduling engines are the ideal solution for daily, weekly and long-term field activities planning and improving customer, worker, and company experience.


A company’s fundamental aspects, from routes to vehicle maintenance, are one of the main advantages of Fleet Management systems. The figures show that, on average, preventive maintenance costs between four and fifteen times less than emergency repairs of a failure. In today’s global scenario characterized by shortages of all components and products, from steel to lawnmowers, sometimes you can’t even opt for an expensive replacement. So an irreparable vehicle or piece of equipment can cripple the productivity of a business completely while waiting for the renewal of the stock in a dealership.

The operation of your fleet will no longer be a concern!

At Ralph’s Transmission, we know that for any company, the operation of its vehicle fleet is one of the most important parts of its regular functions, while at the same time, it is one of the most problematic parts. Given these circumstances, we have given ourselves the task of developing a personalized service for each company in which we can cover all the necessary areas for the optimal operation of your fleet. These areas cover simple maintenance, the collection, and/or delivery of a vehicle or service in your company’s facilities. Our approach to corporate clients is to provide solutions in all areas related to their fleet.

Fleet study

The fleet study is an evaluation that is carried out of your fleet. Maintenance and repairs carried out previously are identified. The circumstances under which these repairs were carried out are evaluated in search of alternatives that allow the identification of savings opportunities, whether economic or time savings, in which your fleet is not operating at 100% efficiency. This study evaluates how your approvals for repairs are processed, from who, how, and when the vehicles are taken to repair to who and how they pick up the vehicles. The sole purpose is to maximize the performance of your business and for your fleet to become an asset that helps keep it running smoothly.

Fleet services

We provide optimal fleet services according to the needs of your company. Ralph’s Transmissions offers the following services:

  • Management of purchase and delivery of vehicles nationwide: Registration and monitoring of fleet and driver documentation (occurrences, adjustments, and trips), fines, claims, and third parties involved.
  • Tires: Control the useful life of the tire by vehicle and tire model, with automatic warnings of the need for preventive alignment and balancing actions.
  • Insurance and accident management
  • Roadside assistance
  • Administration of maintenance, repairs, and environmental verifications.
  • Payment of holdings and vehicle registration
  • Management of fines
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Vehicle resale
  • Online fleet reports

Benefits of our fleet services

  • Same day repairs.
  • Repairs outside of business hours.
  • Delivery and collection of vehicles.
  • Services in your facilities.
  • Maintenance plans.
  • Your vehicles are insured by Triple S while we work on them.
  • Payment alternatives.

Added services

  • Home washes.
  • Equipment manufacturing.
  • Customization of any kind.
  • Sheet metal and painting.
  • Buying and selling vehicles.
  • Advice on the purchase and/or sale of equipment or vehicles.
  • We do not charge commissions or fees from the accredited network;
  •  We assume responsibility for the services performed by contract;
  •    Control and standardization of budget entry;
  • Complete package of management, supply and maintenance services;
  •  Complete management of documentation and fines;

Payment alternatives on our fleet services

Cash flow is no less than an asset in a business. Taking this into consideration, we have been able to develop a variety of payment alternatives for our clients. Depending on their specific need, these alternatives may be unique to each company. It has been developed to provide an equitable business opportunity for small and large companies. 


Ralph’s Transmission offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and diagnostic solutions for the fleets of private bus companies, public transport agencies, and freight forwarders. Our Fleet Services include intelligent fleet management, transmission monitoring and maintenance, and consulting and training programs to support your fleet management.

The productivity and cost of fleet services are due to the effectiveness of the management model adopted; the more structured the fleet management is, the more competitive the company becomes.

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