Preserve Your Transmission With These 8 Tips Shared By Professionals

You must take your car to a transmission shop if you notice any issues. This will reduce further damage to your transmission. The transmission repair cost varies depending on the type. A lot of people prefer driving automatic transmission cars. Driving an automatic transmission vehicle is a more relaxing and safer option as there is one less thing to worry about while driving. These cars feature only 2 pedals, one for acceleration and the other for the brake. It automatically shifts the gear depending on the speed of the car and does not require additional input from the driver. The car is designed to select the appropriate gear for maximum efficiency. However, you must ensure that you take care of the automatic transmission. Here are a few tips shared by best transmissions professionals that will help to maintain your automatic transmission’s optimal condition for a long time:

Transmission Preservation Tips

1) Timely maintenance

The best way to ensure a long lifespan for your car’s transmission is by servicing it timely. An automatic transmission is a pretty complex system and should be serviced timely so that it can perform efficiently. Best Sarasota’s transmissions shop suggest changing the transmission fluid approximately every 15,000 miles. Also, it is crucial to use the right type of transmission fluid while changing. Many people choose low-grade fluids to save some extra bucks. However, we recommend against it as it can damage the transmission, and you will end up spending more money.

2) Timely fluid inspection

Your car transmission requires sufficient fluid to operate at peak performance. If you drive with insufficient transmission fluid, the transmission will get damaged. This is why it is important to make checking your transmission fluid levels every week a habit. People who do not drive frequently should check the transmission once a month. Do not worry if you are not a car expert, as checking the transmission fluid level is very easy. Your transmission system also comes with a dipstick like your oil pan. A sudden drop in the transmission fluid level can be the result of a leak. You should rush to your nearby transmission repair shop in such cases.

3) Only change gears after stopping completely

Changing gears in manual transmission cars and automatic transmission cars is different. You must come to a complete stop before changing the gear when driving a car with an automatic transmission. Unfortunately, people often rush and change gears quickly before stopping. Repeating this over time can cause serious issues to your car’s transmission system.

4) Wait until your car warms up

Cold weather can create problems not only for your car battery but also for your car transmission. You must always allow your car to warm up for a few minutes before you start driving. This helps all the vital fluids to warm up and flow properly. Unfortunately, most drivers do not wait that long and start driving the car immediately. It can cause problems for your automatic transmission. This is because the electronic control unit (ECU) will stop shifting gears so that the revs are higher and more heat is generated to warm up the fluids faster.

5) Always avoid towing heavy items

Not all vehicles are meant for towing. You must never tow heavy items using your automatic transmission car if it is not designed for towing. Otherwise, the transmission will overheat very fast as it will try to send more power to the wheels. It can cause severe damage to your car’s automatic transmission, and you will have to spend a lot of money at the transmission shop to get it fixed. Your car’s engine will overheat also and may fail if you tow heavy items.

6) Always avoid mismatched tires

You may have to change your regular tire with a smaller spare tire at some point due to an emergency but make sure that you do not drive long distances in that condition. This is because it can cause your car’s automatic transmission to undergo a lot of stress. Also, your car’s wheel alignment might ruin. The engine has to work harder to tackle these issues, which can lead to an early transmission failure.

This can be easily avoided by always carrying a matching tire as a spare. In case you do not have one, get the puncture or damage fixed as soon as possible.

7) Do not shift gear to neutral frequently

Do you shift your gear to neutral at every stop sign? It disengages the transmission in an automatic car. Repeating this will damage your transmission. Instead, apply the brakes only at stop signals. This will prevent the car’s transmission from disengaging.

8) Never drive with low fuel levels

There will be situations when you might have to drive with low fuel levels. However, you must not make it a habit. Although the car will work properly initially, various problems will arise over the years. One common issue that people encounter is problems with the car’s transmission. Its complex system requires adequate fuel at all times to ensure proper lubrication. Moreover, your car’s engine will overheat if you drive with low fuel levels.


The tips shared above will help to reduce damage to your transmission and increase its lifespan. However, your car’s transmission can still get damaged even if you follow them strictly. In such cases, you will have to take your car to a transmission repair shop like Ralph’s Transmissions. We are Sarasota’s best transmission shop and provide world-class service. Our experts have been providing transmission repair services to Manatee and Sarasota County since 1984. You can get a free quote for your car today by calling (941) 921-3559!