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Fleet Services

Ralph’s Transmissions offers fleet services in Sarasota, Florida. We aim to establish strong, lasting relationships with fleet owners to ensure that fleet vehicles run smoothly for as many miles as possible.

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Differential Repair

Since 1984, Ralph’s Transmissions has been servicing differentials in Sarasota, Florida. With decades of experience in the auto transmission industry, we harness our knowledge on every project that passes through our shop.

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Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions prides itself in providing the highest quality transmission repair in Sarasota. By using the highest quality parts and components in our transmission repair jobs, you can be confident that your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

If you suspect problems with you’re car’s transmission, it’s time to have an expert take a close look. A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs which could ensue as a result of the neglect of transmission problems.

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions is capable of handling transmission repair of all kinds.



A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs.


Fleet Vehicles

Ralph’s Transmissions can help you create a plan for fleet maintenance.



Differentials problems will be diagnosed accurately and solved completely.


Nov 10 2015

transmission checkupIf you went to the doctor’s office because you felt sick, but you couldn’t provide any symptoms or descriptions to help the doctor determine the root of your illness, the appointment would prove a waste of time for you and the doctor. Similarly, a car can’t be serviced until the full extent of its problems become clear. The transmission in particular is a major organ of any car that needs to receive the proper TLC to keep everything moving smoothly (literally!).

What Does a Transmission Diagnostic Inspection Accomplish? Many transmission problems end up only requiring minor repairs, but a diagnostic will check every aspect of the transmission to ensure no other problems are lurking. Your car servicer will check the condition and level of transmission fluid and perform a road test to check for car performance issues. It’s

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Oct 31 2015

Unless you’re a car aficionado, you probably are just happy to drive something that brings you from Point A to Point B without too much hassle. But it’s important to understand what’s under the hood of your car and how it works to transport you safely every day. Certain parts must be carefully maintained to avoid costly part failures and repairs. The transmission, of course, is one of these parts!

Alright, so what role does the transmission play? Your car’s transmission changes the engine’s gears, transfers the engine’s power to the wheels, and generally helps you move forward—sort of an important piece of driving! When you hear cars referred to as “automatic” or “manual”, it’s the transmission being described.

Automatic Transmission: This is what you’ll find in most cars. Simply move your gear shift to Park, Neutral, Reverse, or Drive, and you’re on your merry way. You don’t need to think about it beyond pressing the brake as you shift gears.

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Aug 11 2015

83709848-8023-49e8-a9c4-e7fb53ad30faGear transmissions are one of those mystery parts found under your car bonnet that you seldom see, but which are essential to the running of your motor vehicle. If they go wrong, they often cost quite a lot to fix. However, catch problems early, and you could save yourself a considerable of money in the long run.

Getting your car serviced regularly is a good idea as problems can be picked up early – before they get expensive to fix. Additionally, it’s also advisable to pay attention to the way your car normally sounds and behaves, as you’ll be able to detect more easily when there might be a problem.

Four Key Signs That Your Transmission Might Need Repairing

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Jun 16 2015

transmissionWhen you take your car for servicing, the mechanic probably recommends a transmission flush, depending on the mileage of it. It’s a service that ranges in price; however, it is a necessary one for the life of a transmission. You should consider several factors when you go about pricing a flush.

Consider These When Looking for a Flush

The first important factor is what make and model the vehicle is. Luxury cars tend to be more expensive than other cars. The second factor is the type of transmission fluid your cars requires. Some cars use special synthetic transmission fluid and that costs more money. The third factor is how many quarts are necessary to refill the transmission. The last factor is where you take your vehicle for servicing. A dealership is generally more expensive than other auto repair shops.

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