How Long Does Transmission Repair Take?

The transmission keeps the engine spinning at the proper rate without going too fast or slow. It supplies the wheels with the right measure of power. Without a functioning transmission, the car can’t stop or start. So you take it in for repairs at Ralph’s Transmission and wonder how long the transmission repairs will take?

How Long Does It Take for a Transmission Repair?

At Ralph’s Transmission, we typically see transmission repair take about a full day. You can expect transmission replacement to take at least one to two days. If you plan to rebuild the transmission, it will require three to four days.

Other factors play into this since experienced mechanics can do this in a slightly faster time frame. We wouldn’t expect too much for the time on it, however.

How long it takes will depend on the make and model of the car. Rear-drive vehicles—the most common vehicle on the road—usually require one to two days to make repairs. Front-wheel drive transmissions have more complexity, and they can take between three and four days at a minimum.

An ounce of Prevention, Better Than a Pound of the Cure

We recommend that you service your transmission every two to three years or 25,000 to 35,000 miles. Flushing out old transmission fluid requires about three to four hours compared to taking multiple days. As a result, you prevent more significant issues with the transmission so that it won’t cost you so much on the transmission repairs.

Your driving habits can impact the health of the transmission. Don’t change gears with the car in motion. For example, wait until the vehicle reaches a full stop to hit reverse. Then, you would do the same for moving forward. Failure to do this puts stress on the transmission, and that action can harm it over time.

Signs You Need to Repair the Transmission

You have a couple of signs that you want to be aware of with the repair of the transmission. The telltale warning signs of taking it in for repair include:

  • Difficulty switching gears
  • Transmission chooses the wrong gear
  • Fluid from transmission leaks

Even a minor issue with the transmission can cause costly problems if you leave them unaddressed. To put this into perspective, changing your transmission fluid costs $80 to $250, with the average being $100.

Compared to transmission replacement, you will pay anywhere from $1,800 to $3,400 for a new transmission. Why pay that much when you can lower the cost with simple maintenance? It may not stop the transmission from requiring repairs, but it can help.

Rebuilding vs. Replacing a Transmission

To rebuild a transmission differs from when you would replace it. You may choose to rebuild it instead of buying a new one when it would cost more to replace. Rarer cars may require a rebuild since it may prove difficult to replace them. The mechanic believes that you will get better results from a simple rebuild in some cases.

Before, we talked about how rebuilding a transmission can take three to four days at a professional shop. In some cases, it may take longer than that average for more complex transmissions. Many factors play a role in how long it takes.

Why Does Transmission Repair Take Time?

Transmission repair requires so much time because unbolting the engine can take time, especially with front-wheel-drive transmissions. Replacement with front-wheel-drive demands more time and energy, which may cost more. However, how long either of them takes hinges heavily on the level of damage.


Transmission maintenance reduces the risk that you will need to repair it. If you find yourself in need of transmission repair, we recommend taking it to a professional shop. Even minor problems with the transmission can wind up costing more if you don’t address them right away. You need the right mechanic since improper repairs can cost you more money.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the transmission fluid and check it every one to three months. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Ralph’s Transmission can help. Schedule an appointment today!