Jun 16 2015

Why a Transmission Flush is Important

transmissionWhen you take your car for servicing, the mechanic probably recommends a transmission flush, depending on the mileage of it. It’s a service that ranges in price; however, it is a necessary one for the life of a transmission. You should consider several factors when you go about pricing a flush. Consider These When Looking for a Flush The first important factor is what make and model the vehicle is. Luxury cars tend to be more expensive than other cars. The second factor is the type of transmission fluid your cars requires. Some cars use special synthetic transmission fluid and that costs more money. The third factor is how many quarts are necessary to refill the transmission. The last factor is where you take your vehicle for servicing. A dealership is generally more expensive than other auto repair shops. Changing vs. Flushing There is also a difference between changing the transmission fluid and flushing it. Changing the fluid only drains part of the fluid and not all of it. There is still fluid remaining in the torque converter and cooler lines, which means there’s still dirty transmission fluid remaining in the vehicle. Flushing takes out all of the old transmission fluid. While changing the fluid costs less, it doesn’t get all of the debris out. Why Flush a Transmission Flushing is very important to the life of the transmission. Read the booklet that comes with your vehicle in terms of knowing when to service it. If you do the flushing as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you won’t run the risk damaging the transmission from dirty fluid. Dirty fluid can cause the transmission to have some major issues. If you flush your transmission as recommended, you can help save yourself on repairs later down the line.