Mar 17 2015

What to Look for in a Transmission Specialist

transmissionPerhaps the most dreaded words to come out of any mechanic’s mouth would be: “Your transmission needs work.” A vehicle’s transmission can be one of the most expensive elements to repair, and of course it is not something a driver can just ignore! If you find yourself needing transmission work, you want to know you can trust and rely on the transmission specialist doing the job. Look for a business that has been around for a while. Especially if your car is an older model, you want someone who has dealt with a lot of transmissions over the years. A long standing business will be able to offer the expertise born of experience, and you can be sure that yours is not the first vehicle of its type that they have fixed. Look for a business that is rated well by other consumers. These days it is possible to read user reviews online for absolutely any kind of business, and you can count on the actual experiences of customers like yourself. Look for a business that actually specializes in transmission work. Although any mechanic may be technically certified to work on your transmission, you are better off leaving the job to someone who knows it better than anyone. Look for a business that offers diagnostics and estimates without requiring you to open up your wallet up front. A business that is willing to tell you what the job entails before they undertake it is a business you can trust. After all, they are demonstrating the confidence in their own work by giving you the option to continue with their quote, rather than locking you in before they tell you what the job is likely to look like. Repairing your car’s transmission is a necessary investment in your vehicle, so don’t leave it to anyone but an expert.