Mar 30 2014

Transitional Changes in Transmissions

The car industry always sees change and manufacturers are always competing to be at the forefront of a new concept. The new Land Rover Evoque has done just that! It has become the first sport utility vehicle to have a 9 speed automatic transmission. This new concept has been developed by experts to cut fuel consumption and lessen emissions considerably.

The new model of Range Rover Evoque has been test driven by Saharan Motoring journalists. The test drive started at a safari lodge, through Zambia and into the Botswana Border. They reported that it has much greater performance than its predecessors and bolstered transmission services.

Previous models had a 6 speed auto transmission used in front transverse installations, the 9 speed has greater efficiency because of the high transmission speed without having to mechanize through large gear steps. The idea ensures that acceleration speeds are comfortable and that the SUV can cruise at comfortable paces. The SUV has incredible transmission services.

Shifting Gears into the Future

The 9HP makes it possible to have direct multiple gearshifts. Shift point and dynamics can manage at a much higher variable without strain, though this depends on weather conditions, terrain and style of whoever is driving. Wanting to be a pioneer of future concepts, Land Rover Evoque can manage torque of almost 480Nm, it can be hybridized and is also start-stop capable.

If the torque converter is replaced with an electric motor it can work as an equal hybrid. All of the new technology means that the need of transmission repair will be highly unlikely, giving the SUVs a long life and making them more appealing to potential buyers.

Can Past Success Lead to Future Emulation For Land Rover?

Last year the car sold 34,000 units across the globe and is a leading choice of compact SUV amongst car buyers. It is also a winner of several awards, and it looks like this model has a bright future in 2014.