Feb 07 2016

The Top Reasons to Maintain a Corporate Fleet

dreamstime_xs_15564083If you run a plumbing, electrician, or HVAC company, you are probably no stranger to maintaining a fleet of vehicles. There’s no denying that keeping multiple trucks or vans in optimal condition can be challenging, but there are three reasons that you should continue growing your fleet. Outsource Fleet Management is Available The list of maintenance needed to help vehicles reach their maximum useful life is long, to say the least. From fluid changes and tune ups to major repairs and inspections, there’s no way you can do it all yourself and still efficiently focus on sustaining your business. That’s why fleet management services are available to do it all for you. Fleet management companies work directly with your company to take care of every maintenance need you can imagine. It’s worth every dime when you can rely on one company to prevent potential problems and breakdowns, reduce unplanned maintenance, ensure operational safety, and take care of the laundry list of preventative and reactive maintenance measures every vehicle eventually requires. Company Branding There’s no advertisement quite like the one that’s constantly in the public eye. A clean, well-kept fleet of vehicles serve as consistent marketing and company branding 365 days a year. You never know when an employee in one of your “Call Jack’s Plumbing for 24/7 Service!” vehicles will be waiting at a stop light and catch the attention of the driver in the left lane who has been seeking a reliable plumber for her water heater issues. There’s one more customer, without any added effort! Reliability Building a business is no easy feat, and you need to know that your employees will drive in vehicles that won’t break down, guzzle gas, or give off an undesirable vibe to customers. By providing your own fleet, you know that your company’s services will not be compromised by a poor vehicle choice.