9 signs you may have to take your car to a transmission repair shop

Transmission Repair Shop

A car sure makes getting around on a day-to-day basis very convenient. It is a very important investment and a necessity for most people. Make sure you maintain your vehicle so you can get around safely. Many different parts work together simultaneously in a complex system for your car to work properly. If any parts are not working right, your car may not drive right or, worse yet, not at all. After the engine, the transmission is the most crucial part of a car. The purpose of a transmission is to transfer the power generated by the engine. Therefore, timely maintenance of the transmission is very crucial. Experts suggest servicing the transmission once every 15 to 20 months. However, you must visit a transmission shop immediately if you ever notice the following issues: 

A burning smell

Your car should not give off any odor. If you notice any burning smell, the chances are that some part of the car is overheating. The issue should be addressed immediately. This could happen due to the transmission fluid burning up. The transmission fluid usually burns because of two reasons. Either the transmission is too old or it requires fluid change. This is not a repair you should try to tackle alone. Visit a transmission repair shop near you and have the auto experts take care of the problem for you. Ignoring the burning smell can increase the damage to your vehicle. As a result, the repair cost will also increase. 

You hear a loud noise

If you hear loud noises from your vehicle even when it is not moving, there might be a problem with your automatic transmission. Vehicles with transmission issues can cause whining, buzzing, or clunking noises, and you should never ignore these noises. Instead, take your vehicle to your nearby transmission repair shop for servicing. 

Slipping gears

You won’t notice the gears changing when an automatic transmission works perfectly. However, this is not the case when there is a problem with the transmission of your car. In such a case, you will find that the gears are slipping. It is a sign that your automatic transmission needs to be repaired. Call your local transmission repair shop and get an appointment to bring your vehicle in so it can be checked out. Fluid leakages from the vehicle

When there is a leak in your car’s transmission, it may start leaking fluid. Address this issue immediately. Otherwise, the repairs can get very expensive. Regular checks are recommended for maintenance to ensure that your transmission is not leaking. Therefore, you should know where the car’s fluid reservoirs are located. Also, leaks are easy to identify. The transmission fluid has a red color and a sweet smell. If you ever notice a red liquid under your car, there is a high chance of your transmission fluid leaking. 

The check engine light is on

The check engine light is a very important feature of your car and should never be ignored. If you ever notice that the check engine light is on, you should visit an auto repair facility as soon as possible. There could be many reasons for the check engine light to light up. One of those reasons is that the automatic transmission is not functioning properly. Ignoring the light can increase the damage to your car further. Moreover, it can break down anytime while you are on the road. Therefore, you must take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop. 

Acceleration takes longer

If you feel that your car does not accelerate the way it used to when it was new, there is a chance that you are right. The acceleration of a car will not have the power when you have severe issues with your transmission. You should stay off the road until you get the transmission repaired. 

Shifting gears is getting a little troublesome

When there is an issue with your transmission, your car may hesitate when shifting between gears. In some cases, the car won’t shift at all. You can try a few things before taking it to a transmission repair shop. Refilling the transmission fluids can sometimes help. Also, you can try disconnecting the car battery for half an hour. However, if neither of these tricks work and you still have problems shifting gears, you will have to take the car to a mechanic. 

Dragging clutch

In some cases, the clutch fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel due to issues with the transmission. This issue is known as a dragging clutch. A dragging clutch means that the clutch can no longer be used. Moreover, a grinding noise will be produced whenever the gears are changed without adjusting the clutch. This problem is usually a fairly simple fix and not overly expensive.

Car is noisy even when in neutral

You should not hear bumping noises if your car is neutral and running. If you hear unnecessary noises, you might require a fluid change. This problem can be taken care of by most owners. However, you must be careful, as overfilling can damage your car. If refilling does not fix the noise, you will have to visit your nearest mechanic to get your vehicle checked. 

Your car transmission should be serviced timely; otherwise, you might encounter many problems. If your car requires transmission repair, visit Ralph’s Transmission, one of Florida‘s best transmission repair shops. The experts will carefully assess the situation and offer you the best solution. To book an appointment, do call (941) 921-3559!