May 27 2014

Signs You Need Transmission Repair for Autos and Trucks

Staying in tune with your car or truck is crucial for being a safe, conscientious driver. Your vehicle will be telling you when it is time for transmission repair. All you need to do is pay attention to the below symptoms.

Clunking Sounds

Listen for clunking sounds while your vehicle is moving. Many times, these sounds occur when you are making a sharp turn. In addition to the sound, you may notice your vehicle hesitating to move. There are number of reasons you may need transmission repair for autos and trucks while hearing clunking sounds. An expert will help.

Vibrations While Moving

Motoring vehicles are meant to provide a smooth, enjoyable ride. When you notice yours vibrating, it is a sure sign that something is amiss. Multiple reasons exist for your vehicle vibrations. It likely is due to transmission malfunctions. No matter what the reason, be safe and seek transmission repair for autos and trucks.

Gear Shifting Problems

Your transmission operates in gears. When your transmission is not shifting properly, there is something wrong. Notice whether your car stays in one gear and starts whining. The whining is your transmission’s way of telling you that it needs help.

You may put your car into reverse and hear a strange sound. This strange sound is accompanied with a lack of movement. There is no easy movement while backing up.

Gear shifting problems are sure signs you need transmission repair for autos and trucks.

Surface Leaks

Leaks are another sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Find out whether your transmission is leaking by parking it on a flat, paved surface for a couple of hours. Your driveway is perfect for this.

Look underneath your vehicle. If you notice any wet spots, something is leaking. Stick you pinky in the fluid to determine the fluid color. If it is pink, it’s your transmission fluid. You probably need a transmission repair for autos and trucks known as a reseal job.

Take your car or truck to a reputable transmission shop as soon as possible if you have any signs of a transmission problem.