Jul 15 2017

A Quick Guide to Vehicle Differentials

carsYou don’t need to be a mechanical expert to hop in your car and drive, which means there are countless processes and procedures taking place as you drive that you may not understand. Differentials, for instance, serve three very important jobs to keep your car functioning at optimal levels. This guide will help you understand what exactly the differentials are, even if you’re not a vehicle expert. An Introduction to Differentials Just like the brakes, engine, and exhaust of your car, the differentials serve a few critical roles as well. First, the differentials direct the engine’s power to the wheels. This means that without the differentials, your car wouldn’t even be able to leave the garage. The differentials also make up the final gear reduction to slow the transmission’s rotations. Lastly, they allow the wheels to spin at different speeds, which is how the term “differential”in other words, differentlygot its name. Given these essential responsibilities, your vehicle’s differentials deserve just as much service and attention as the other, more high-profile components of your car.   When Do the Differentials Kick In? There is never a time when your vehicle’s differentials aren’t in use. Turning around a corner, making a U-turn, and simply driving down the road all rely upon the differentials. Did you know that every time you make a turn in your car, each wheel travels a different distance and must spin at a different speed to keep the car moving evenly? It’s tricky to think about, but the inside wheels actually travel a shorter distance than the outer wheels. This means that they must travel at a lower speed than the outer wheels. You rely on this every day, probably without realizing it! Without differentials, your car’s wheels would be forced to travel at the same speed, and making turns would become almost impossible. Don’t Neglect Your Differentials Differentials diagnostics is one of the many services offered by Ralph’s Transmissions in Sarasota, Florida. If you begin experiencing trouble making turns or completing other standard driving tasks, it’s time to schedule a diagnostic inspection from a skilled transmission expert at Ralph’s Transmissions. Why risk safety or extensive damage to your vehicle from the neglect of differentials problems? Call (941) 921-3559 to schedule your appointment today.