Jun 24 2014

How to Tell if Your Transmission Needs Repairing

Vehicles are an essential part of our everyday life. Being used so often, you’re bound to run into some mechanical issues every now and then. One common place that can need repairing or replacing is your transmission.

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to diagnose car problems right away. Most of the time, we take them to a mechanic for a thorough check and complete diagnosis. Here is a list of a few transmission defect signs that you have to look out for. If you notice any of these signs with your car, have a mechanic inspect it as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

If you ever smell burning or smoke coming out of the hood of your car, your transmission is probably overheating. The best thing to do is turn off your vehicle. Wait for it to cool down, and then add or change your transmission fluid.

Strange Noises, Humming, Grinding or Shaking Coming from Your Car

Noises coming from a car are common, but sometimes noises that come from your car while it’s in neutral can be a sign of serious wear and tear in your transmission.

Shaking or grinding can be a sign of a worn out clutch or it needing readjusting.

Dragging Clutch

This occurs when the clutch fails to disengage from the flywheel when the driver pushes in the clutch pedal. Although this can eventually lead to more serious problems with your transmission (i.e., losing control, transmission failure) when caught early, it’s relatively cheap and easy to repair.

Leaking Fluid

Transmission fluid should never be dark in color or have a burnt smell. If you ever see a light red or even clear liquid dripping out of your car then you need to have your transmission checked. If there are signs of burning or a leak, you will most likely have to have your transmission replaced.

If the leak is small enough, a mechanic may be able to fix the leak. Never try DIY transmission leak fixes. If you’re on the road and a mechanic is not nearby, then it can be used as a quick fix, but as soon as you come across a mechanic shop, have him or her fix the leak.

Not a Diagnosis, But Something to Look Out For

Remember that these signs are not diagnoses, but merely signs that you should look out for just in case there is something wrong with your vehicle.

To get a correct diagnosis on your vehicle, always take it to your trusted mechanic.