Jun 02 2015

How to Take Care of a Transmission

car transmissionFixing the transmission of your car can be very costly. It’s very complex and relies on transmission fluid to help it do all the work. Over time, the fluid becomes dirty or burnt. While the transmission doesn’t need serviced as often as other aspects, it’s still vital to know how to take care of it. Important Tips to Take Care of Your Transmission Above all, check your transmission fluid. Be sure that it’s not dirty or burnt, as this indicates issues. Fluid should start as a bright red and become darker. If there’s a smell, this means the car needs serviced. Additionally, you should change or flush the transmission fluid as recommended. The fluid is responsible for helping the transmission run properly, but it does get dirty over time. Ensuring clean fluid is a necessity to keep a working vehicle. Be sure you are using the correct type of fluid for your car. Watch How You Drive You can also do other things to help the life of your transmission. If you help your transmission, you’ll save on transmission repairs and services. Don’t always put your foot into the pedal from a stop. Learn to ease into the gas pedal as it reduces the load on the gears. Allow time for the transmission to warm up, especially when it’s cold. It’ll take some strain off of it. Always come to a complete stop when shifting from reverse to drive or vice versa. Get Noises Serviced or Repaired Get any problems checked out as soon as possible. A noise or drops on the ground are signs of trouble. It could be something minor to fix, which will save a lot of money over a larger repair down the road. Be sure to seek the help of a licensed professional to ensure quality work on your vehicle!