How to Overcome the Hidden Cost of Excessive Idling

Excessive IdlingHow to Overcome the Hidden Cost of Excessive Idling

Excessive idling of fleet vehicles is a profit killer in business. Hundreds of gallons of gas per vehicle can be lost each year from just idling during a lunch break. When you operate a large fleet, numbers like that add up fast. Try these techniques to reduce excessive idling and regain control of your fleet budget:

  • Develop driver policies on excessive idling

The best way to reduce fleet idling time is to have your drivers turn off the ignition while parked. Get all your employees on the same page by implementing a comprehensive policy on excessive fleet vehicle idling. Inform employees of the costs of excessive idling and how it affects company profitability. Put an incentive program into place to reward drivers for idling less and carry out consequences for drivers who repeatedly violate the excessive idling policies.

  • Communicate idling reduction goals with everyone

In addition to developing goals specific to individual drivers, be sure to communicate company-wide idling reduction goals with all employees. This allows employees to see how their actions add up and feel more involved in the goal achievement process. Develop key performance indicators, monitor them frequently, and display the results to employees visually.

  • Implement telematics on fleet vehicles

Technology has changed everything about our lives, and fleet management is no different. Advancements in technology now allow fleet managers to see how much time is spent idling and can even discern between idling to power equipment versus idling for driver convenience. Automatic engine shutoff equipment is a great way to reduce excessive idling in your fleet. Some telematics systems can even issue automatic violation notices to drivers while on the road.

  • Improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency

You’ll never get your fleet idle time down to zero because some idle time is necessary. However, it is possible to reduce the cost of this unavoidable expense by using fuel-efficient, properly sized vehicles in your fleet. By analyzing the purpose of each vehicle in your fleet, you may find that some of your vehicles are oversized and can be replaced with smaller, more fuel-efficient models.

Excessive idling is an expense that you may not think about at first, but will be well aware of once you see how much it affects your profit margins. Depending on the size of your fleet, you may lose thousands of gallons of gas each year to unnecessary idling. Putting measures into place to reduce excessive idling in your fleet will save gas, lower maintenance costs, and free up employee time. If you want premier fleet maintenance in Sarasota or Manatee counties, trust the experts at Ralph’s Transmissions. We can manage your entire fleet’s maintenance and make recommendations on ways to lower costs, such as lowering idle time. Call us at (941) 921-3559 or visit to find out how we can make fleet maintenance a breeze.