Aug 15 2020

How Often Should You Check or Change Your Transmission Fluid?

You know you should change your oil on a pretty regular basis, but what about the other fluids in your car? Every time you fuel up, or at least once a week, you should check all of the fluids under the hood of your car. Watching those fluid levels can help keep you safe and on the road.  Most of the time you don’t really need to worry about transmission fluid. It doesn’t burn away like oil can, and unless you get a leak somewhere you probably aren’t going to ever have to add fluid. But it is still important to check it. Why? Because your transmission fluid, like your oil, tells a story about how your car is functioning. If your transmission fluid starts looking burnt, or dark, it could be a sign that you are having a deeper transmission issue that has yet to fully surface. When you catch these issues that early on, the repairs are often less extensive and therefore less costly. And it all starts with checking your transmission fluid. But what about changing it? You don’t have to change your transmission fluid, right? Actually, you do. You don’t have to change your transmission fluid as often as you do your oil by any means, but it does need to be changed on occasion. Depending on how long you keep your vehicle and how much you drive, you may only change the transmission fluid once the whole time you own the car. For most cars, changing the transmission fluid only needs to be done at about every 60,000 miles, give or take depending on the make and model. You may also need to change the fluid if it becomes dirty or burnt due to transmission issues. If that is the case, the fluid will be replaced as a part of the transmission repair. Have questions about the transmission fluid in your car? Contact us today for an appointment.