Oct 15 2016

Why Your Company Needs Reliable Fleet Management

cars-fleetElectricians, plumbers, internet providers, and other types of businesses rely upon a number of vehicles to transport their employees and serve their customers quickly and efficiently. Of course, those vehicles cannot run perfectly forever and need regular maintenance in order to remain fully functional. Rather than handling the management of so many cars personally, companies can take advantage of professional fleet management services that take on all of the responsibilities of maintenance and repairs. Defining Fleet Management While fleet management can technically include aircrafts, ships, and rail cars, most common American businesses only need services for cars, vans, and trucks. A fleet management company can handle everything from vehicle financing to maintenance, repairs, and even driver management. This function gives companies the ability to enjoy the benefits of reliable transportation without the stress of keeping the transportation in top shape. Importance of Fleet Management For plumbers, electricians, and other businesses that rely upon their fleet of vehicles, transportation determines the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of their employees. The ability to trust a fleet management company with so many responsibilities improves a company’s reputation without causing any burdens. Furthermore, fleet management services provide 100% compliance with government legislation, which keeps companies out of legal trouble. Benefits of Fleet Management Overall, fleet management equates to cost savings, improved productivity, downtime management, and fleet safety. Most companies that turn to fleet management can save as much as 30% thanks to the larger purchasing power and best practices of professional fleet management. As for improved driver productivity, fleet management ensures reliable vehicle function so that employees can stick to their timeframes and focus solely on their responsibilities. Turning to fleet management also mitigates vehicle downtime such as repairs and recalls, which can cost hundreds of dollars per day. Finally, fleet safety is far more assured with fleet management since dedicated professionals handle the vehicles and ensure minimized risk.