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Ralph’s Transmissions offers fleet services in Sarasota, Florida. We aim to establish strong, lasting relationships with fleet owners to ensure that fleet vehicles run smoothly for as many miles as possible.

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Differential Repair

Since 1984, Ralph’s Transmissions has been servicing differentials in Sarasota, Florida. With decades of experience in the auto transmission industry, we harness our knowledge on every project that passes through our shop.

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Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions prides itself in providing the highest quality transmission repair in Sarasota. By using the highest quality parts and components in our transmission repair jobs, you can be confident that your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

If you suspect problems with you’re car’s transmission, it’s time to have an expert take a close look. A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs which could ensue as a result of the neglect of transmission problems.

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Ralph’s Transmissions is capable of handling transmission repair of all kinds.



A diagnostic inspection from Ralph’s Transmissions can help you avoid more costly repairs.


Fleet Vehicles

Ralph’s Transmissions can help you create a plan for fleet maintenance.



Differentials problems will be diagnosed accurately and solved completely.


Jun 02 2015

car transmissionFixing the transmission of your car can be very costly. It’s very complex and relies on transmission fluid to help it do all the work. Over time, the fluid becomes dirty or burnt. While the transmission doesn’t need serviced as often as other aspects, it’s still vital to know how to take care of it.

Important Tips to Take Care of Your Transmission

Above all, check your transmission fluid. Be sure that it’s not dirty or burnt, as this indicates issues. Fluid should start as a bright red and become darker. If there’s a smell, this means the car needs serviced.

Additionally, you should change or flush the transmission fluid as recommended. The fluid is responsible for helping the transmission run properly, but it does get dirty over time. Ensuring clean fluid is a necessity to keep a working vehicle. Be sure you are using the correct type of fluid for your car.

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May 19 2015

transmission 3The transmission of a car is one of its most vital pieces.  Without it, the car cannot shift or even start, and a faulty one can cost thousands of dollars in repair and services.  To keep your car and your transmission in good shape, keep in mind the following tips.

Fluid Maintenance

Oil changes are important, but the transmission also requires fluid.  Replacing your transmission fluid roughly every 15,000 miles, or, at the minimum, once per calendar year can help keep it running in top condition.  It’s also important to check the fluid regularly. Never drive when the transmission fluid is low or appears to be leaking.

Traffic Stops

In an automatic car, the transmission is what causes the car to shift gears when you drive, park, or reverse your direction or increase speed.  Following traffic laws, such as coming to a complete stop before changing directions, and avoiding dramatic accelerations when taking off from a start are important for reducing strain on the system.  You can also use your emergency brake when parking on steep inclines to reduce stress on the system.

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May 05 2015

transmission1Transmission problems can derail the most reliable car, and a full failure will put your car completely out of commission.  While a complete collapse of the transmission system can’t be forever prevented, watching for signs that your transmission needs services can help you prevent larger, more complex problems.

What’s That Smell?

It’s normal for cars to produce certain odors, but the distinct smell of burning can be a sign of a problem in the transmission.  Reasons for the scent could be low or leaking transmission fluid, which could cause it to be overheating.  Be sure to check transmission fluid when doing general maintenance on your vehicle.

The Sounds of Trouble

A normally functioning transmission should make no sound when your car shifts gears. If you feel a shaking or hear grinding as you’re speeding up, it can signal bigger troubles.  The problem could be anything from low transmission fluid to damaged gears, or even a worn clutch in a manual shift vehicle.

Slow to Start

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Apr 07 2015

carsIn cars, the differential, which is a type of a planetary gear, is outfitted to allow faster rotation of the outer drive-wheel compared to the inner drive-wheel for smooth cornering or turning. This ensures the wheel moving in the region of the cornering curve rolls farther and more rapidly than the inner. It is imperative in two drive-wheels cars for maintaining traction, however, high temperatures impair the ability to oil the gear lube, which leads to axle and bearings defects alongside differential failures. At times, noises and sounds are attributed to the differentials but this may not be the case. Vehicle troubleshooting should not be focused on the differential alone, there are other parts to inspect painstakingly, including the exhaust, wheel trim rings, CV or universal joints and tires. 

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