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Transmission Repair

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Apr 17 2014

In a car, there is almost no part more important than the transmission. The transmission is responsible for coordinating the torque along the drivetrain with the speed at which you are driving. The goal of this is to increase fuel efficiency because different speeds have different associated torque requirements, and applying the wrong amount of torque can waste fuel and decrease driving performance.

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Apr 03 2014

The transmission is a very fine-tuned instrument, and is vital to an engine running correctly. However, this makes the transmission a fairly delicate part and prone to a variety of problems, particularly in older vehicles. Although the nature of these problems vary greatly, several types of problems are the most common.

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Mar 30 2014

The car industry always sees change and manufacturers are always competing to be at the forefront of a new concept. The new Land Rover Evoque has done just that! It has become the first sport utility vehicle to have a 9 speed automatic transmission. This new concept has been developed by experts to cut fuel consumption and lessen emissions considerably.

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