Dec 15 2016

The Best Ways to Save at the Pump

22950535 - pumping fuel in to the tank Gasoline has become a necessary evil in today’s society. Short of living on a fully sustainable farm or a big city with a well developed public transportation system, most Americans rely on their cars each and every day to get to work, see friends, and run errands. This means that gas has become a permanent part of the American budget, though that’s not always a good thing considering the rising prices of gas at the pump. If you’re determined to save more money in 2017, these strategies can help you minimize your gas budget while still getting everywhere you need to be. Check Your Tire Pressure This is where the rubber meets the road, so the saying goes. Your tires create friction with the road, and based on the air pressure in your tires, that friction has the potential to drag your car down and burn way too much gas. Too much air is just as damaging as too little air in your tires, so check your tire pressure monthly to ensure it’s up to manufacturer specifications. It won’t take long to notice the difference! Give Extra TLC To Maintenance Related to Gas Mileage We all know car maintenance is important to the overall life of a vehicle, but it’s also very important to preserving the highest gas mileage possible. Just consider the fact that your vehicle is filled with moving parts that need to be cleaned and maintained in order to stay efficient. The easiest way to ensure strong gas mileage is to stay regular with oil changes, since oil sludge causes friction and resistance that will eat up gas. Other items include transmission fluid and spark plugs. Talk to your mechanic to find out more. Reform Your Driving Style You may not want to admit it, but slowing down and resisting your lead foot is a great way to prevent burning gas unnecessarily. The biggest example of this comes from shooting off when a red light turns green, since that first burst of engine power from a dead stop consumes an incredible amount of gas, even more than just driving down the road at a steady pace. If you build in ten more minutes for your commute each day and challenge yourself to drive like your grandmother is in the car, you’ll notice you don’t have to stop at the pump quite as often.