Sep 04 2014

Basic Definitions for Auto Transmission Repair

When it comes to doing self-repair on your auto transmission, you need to know what some basic definitions mean. A transmission is hard to fix, and it is best to leave it to a professional. Having a good handle on the terminology will help you understand what is wrong with your auto transmission and what repairs you need to make.


This is the big definition, so we’ll list it first. The transmission is a gearbox that links the engine to the live axle. There is a transfer of power when the gears are in rotation. When the engine turns a single gear, that gear will move another gear. This will continue until the power has been sent to the axle.

Automatic and Manual Transmission

If you have a manual transmission on your car, you will set the car into a specific gear. This will give the driver enhanced control, but it will also open up the possibility of increased chance of a driver error. With an automatic transmission, the gears will be changed without your having to do anything. This kind of transmission is more popular. Drivers have one fewer thing to worry about when they’re out there on the open road.


The drivetrain is comprised of several different parts. It is what tells the drive wheels which direction to go in and how fast they should go. It will also supply the wheels with additional power to get up those difficult hills.


The clutch is what lets the engine disengage from the wheels without coming to a stop. When the clutch is engaged, the transmission gears and engine rotate at the same speed. The flywheel is linked to the engine, and the clutch plate is linked to the transmission. When these pieces touch, the gears in the transmission start turning.