Nov 10 2015

Avoid Costly Repairs with Diagnostic Inspection

transmission checkupIf you went to the doctor’s office because you felt sick, but you couldn’t provide any symptoms or descriptions to help the doctor determine the root of your illness, the appointment would prove a waste of time for you and the doctor. Similarly, a car can’t be serviced until the full extent of its problems become clear. The transmission in particular is a major organ of any car that needs to receive the proper TLC to keep everything moving smoothly (literally!). What Does a Transmission Diagnostic Inspection Accomplish? Many transmission problems end up only requiring minor repairs, but a diagnostic will check every aspect of the transmission to ensure no other problems are lurking. Your car servicer will check the condition and level of transmission fluid and perform a road test to check for car performance issues. It’s possible that your car is displaying a symptom of a failing transmission and you didn’t even realize it. The service tech will be able to identify these signs with expertise, including upshift and downshift timing and quality, noises, vibrations, and initial engagements. After the road test, your car is then sent up on a lift for an external inspection of the under carriage. This extensive process will diagnose any transmission problems that may exist so that you know exactly how to most effectively repair your car. Computer Diagnostics for the Transmission. Now that cars are so dependent on their computer systems, automobile troubles are often just computer glitches as systems struggle to communicate. A full transmission diagnostic should include a computer diagnostic check to identify codes that indicate the cause of trouble within the transmission. Overall, working proactively to identify transmission trouble can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in repair and may hours of misery. Transmission issues should not be taken lightly, since they become more and more problematic and costly as time goes on, eventually causing damage to other parts of the car such as the engine and drivetrain if not resolved swiftly.