Sep 18 2014

Auto Transmission Repair Basics

Auto transmission repair can be extremely costly, and it could leave you without a car for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Knowing a few things about your transmission will let you prevent a lot of future problems, and maybe even save you cash when you need to make repairs.

The Basics Of Transmission Repair

Your car has an automatic transmission that has a lot of tiny moving parts inside of it, but you don’t have to understand what they do. You only really need to know four basic transmission parts.

Bell Housing: The bell housing is a metal case in the shape of a cone, and it is underneath your car. In a car with front wheel drive, the bell housing is positioned on the side of the engine under the hood. On cars with rear wheel driver, the transmission is located under the car right behind the engine. Unless your vehicle is involved in a car accident, the bell housing is hardly ever in need of a repair, and its primary function is as a case for the transmission.

Gears: Even though the automatic transmission changes gears on your behalf, they still need changing. The gears for the transmission are broken down into primary gears and planetary gears, and they need to work right if your car is going to move.

Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid is maybe the most crucial element of your automatic transmission. Failure to have adequate fluid levels will cause several transmission problems. Fluid leaks cause different problems, and they’re one of the most common kinds of transmission repairs.

Filter: The automatic transmission fluid in your car needs to stay clean in order to stop wear-and-tear on the moving parts. Keeping your fluid filter clean will help you avoid many repairs.