Jun 20 2017

3 Things You Never Knew about Your Transmission

Every part of your car is essential to its overall function, and the transmission is no exception. It’s important not just to recognize the signs of a transmission problem in your vehicle, but also to remain educated about the best preventative measures that will help ensure a long life for such a major investment. Pick Your Transmission Fluid Wisely All transmission fluid is not created equal, and relying upon the wrong fluid could significantly shorten the life of your transmission. The role of transmission fluid in the transmission can be compared to the role of water in an aquarium. If that water does not maintain the right pH level or temperature, the animals inside could die. The same concepts apply to a transmission, since cheap or poorly made transmission fluid will not efficiently lubricate the transmission and protect it from excessive heat. While there are different forms of transmission fluid, you need to work with a professional to identify the type that best serves the needs of your own car. Be Aware of Signs of Transmission Failure Some transmission problems are obvious, but others are sneaky and subtle. For example, a burning smell combined with the inability to shift into gear are clear signs that your transmission is in trouble. However, other symptoms aren’t as direct, like a low humming or low fluid level. Since transmission replacement and repair is a large undertaking, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the minor and major signs of transmission failure. If you’re lucky, you’ll never need to utilize that knowledge, but you never know when it could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Learn How to Dispose of Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid isn’t like bath water; you can’t just allow it to flow down the drain without a second thought. Transmission fluid contains a host of chemicals that pose dangers to the environment and human health, so it must be thrown away in a specific manner. Pour old transmission fluid into a sealed plastic bottle or milk jug and transport it to a transmission fluid collection site like a local automotive center. When in doubt, turn to Ralph’s Transmissions in Sarasota, Florida with all of your questions and concerns. The experienced team at Ralph’s specializes in transmission repair services and can tackle any vehicle issue you may have. Call (941) 921-3559 to make an appointment now.