May 05 2015

3 Signs Your Transmission is in Trouble

transmission1Transmission problems can derail the most reliable car, and a full failure will put your car completely out of commission.  While a complete collapse of the transmission system can’t be forever prevented, watching for signs that your transmission needs services can help you prevent larger, more complex problems. What’s That Smell? It’s normal for cars to produce certain odors, but the distinct smell of burning can be a sign of a problem in the transmission.  Reasons for the scent could be low or leaking transmission fluid, which could cause it to be overheating.  Be sure to check transmission fluid when doing general maintenance on your vehicle. The Sounds of Trouble A normally functioning transmission should make no sound when your car shifts gears. If you feel a shaking or hear grinding as you’re speeding up, it can signal bigger troubles.  The problem could be anything from low transmission fluid to damaged gears, or even a worn clutch in a manual shift vehicle. Slow to Start When you get in your car, your intention is to get somewhere.  If you’re noticing a lag or a delay in the movement of your vehicle – a pause or slowness as the gears change – this could be a sign that you need transmission repair.  Not only is this troublesome for you, if the vehicle cannot respond when you need it to, say, in the middle of oncoming traffic, it can be a danger to others as well. While these symptoms can mean another part of your vehicle is wearing out, the presence of two or all three often signal a problem in the transmission.  The best response is to have it looked over by a professional to prevent further damage to the vehicle, which can increase the cost of repairs.