May 19 2015

3 Quick Tips to Extend the Life of Your Transmission

transmission 3The transmission of a car is one of its most vital pieces.  Without it, the car cannot shift or even start, and a faulty one can cost thousands of dollars in repair and services.  To keep your car and your transmission in good shape, keep in mind the following tips. Fluid Maintenance Oil changes are important, but the transmission also requires fluid.  Replacing your transmission fluid roughly every 15,000 miles, or, at the minimum, once per calendar year can help keep it running in top condition.  It’s also important to check the fluid regularly. Never drive when the transmission fluid is low or appears to be leaking. Traffic Stops In an automatic car, the transmission is what causes the car to shift gears when you drive, park, or reverse your direction or increase speed.  Following traffic laws, such as coming to a complete stop before changing directions, and avoiding dramatic accelerations when taking off from a start are important for reducing strain on the system.  You can also use your emergency brake when parking on steep inclines to reduce stress on the system. Warm Advice Many of us live in a varying climate, with hot summers and cold winters.  In the colder temperatures, starting your car and letting it run for a few minutes to warm up can decrease the amount of strain the transmission is under.  While a cold start is necessary, allowing yourself a few extra minutes can extend the life of this important system in your vehicle and prevent the need for transmission repair. A lot of general maintenance tips can be found in your vehicle’s manual. They are often requirements of your warranty.  These suggestions aren’t just lip service; they are tried and true methods that, when followed, can extend the total life of not just your transmission, but your vehicle as a whole.